What is Production Process in FRIDACopenhagen ?

FRIDACopenhagen is a company who creates own brand of kid products also do customised designs for clients.  We are a team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience.  Through FRIDACopenhagen, customers will experience good service and constance job results.

When we receive tasks from clients, there are few steps will be gone through.

1, Our team members will review and analyse the projects, to discover what is the most focus of products. It could be unique material, special testing requirements, short lead time or low cost.

2, Base on our big data, we will find the optimal manufacture area and come out the matching suppliers for the works.  Then we can go next step of quotation and sampling.

3, Our leader of procurement department will double check if all terms are fulfilled, otherwise we will negotiate the best results before ordering. It will include payment terms, delivery terms, sample quality, production schedule and special requirements.

4, To take full responsibility of products, our inspectors will always go for Quality inspection before shipment.

5, We are able to handle both international and local transportation to customers’ warehouse.

FRIDACopenhagen is familiar with industrial process and good skill of supplier partnership. With a good view of western and Asia business culture, we successfully help lots of customers develop new collections and produce items in far east.

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